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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

Senior Does 4+ Years

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These are the older senior does.  Atop, you will find the four- year-olds.  Moving down the list, the does get older.
*Click on the individual pictures to learn more about that doe.

GCH Barnowl Shizuka 8*M
DOB: 4/06/2007
     SS:  SG ++*B Winterwood's Musician EX90
S:  SG ++B Kickapoo-Valley Travis ELITE
     SD:  SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Respect Sequel EX92
     DS:  SG ++*B Hogg's Hideaway Chalupa
D:  SGCH Tempo Elena 7*M EX90
     DD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M EX90
GCH Purple Thistle BM Bree *M
DOB: 4/12/2007
      SS:  GCH ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult EX92
 S:  +B Purple Thistle MT Mano
      SD:  GCH Tempo Mishka 2*M VG88
          DS:  Purple Thistle MC Kiyoshi
  D:  Purple Thistle Brittany
          DD:  Tempo Betty H 2*M VG87
SGCH Barnowl Baudelaire 3*M
DOB: 4/15/2007
      SS:  SG ++*B Winterwood's Musician EX90
 S:  SG ++B Kickapoo-Valley Travis ELITE
      SD:  SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Respect Sequel EX92
      DS:  ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet EX92
 D:  SGCH Barowl Buffy 2*M EX90
      DD:  SGCH Barnowl Bewitched 1*M EX92
SGCH Barnowl Vendredi *M
DOB:  6/02/2005
          SS:  SGCH ++*B Tempo Yagudin
  S:  Barnowl Eros VG85
          SD:  Barnowl Aphrodite

          DS:  *B Ober-D'Rainbow KRT Don Juan
  D:  Barnowl Remembrance
          DD:  Ober-D'Rainbow KRT November
Purple Thistle Umeko's Mud Pie 2*M
DOB:  5/03/2005
       SS:  SGCH ++*B Windysprings Monsoon EX91
S:  Purple Thistle Makoto GP81
       SD:  GCH Tempo Mishka 2*M VG88
       DS:  *B Double-B-Acres N Sparky
D:  GCH Kissin's Umeko *M VG89
       DD:  Kissin's K Ursula

Shizuka as a Five-Year-Old Milker

Bree as a Five-Year-Old Milker

Baudelaire as a Five-Year-Old Milker

Vendredi as a Four-year-old Milker

Mud Pie as a Five-Year-Old Milker

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