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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

2012 RG Kids

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These does will probably not make it to this page until they are registered and start going to shows.  You can find them under the Breeding List.  On the breeding list you will find the dams, sires, and prices with detailed kidding information.
Now I will explain our strict CAE program.
All the does that are about to kid are placed into kidding areas that are sectioned off from the rest of the herd.  Their births are always attended by a human. 
Immediately after the kids are born they are placed on to white hospital pads for cleaning and prep for the house.  The does never get to lick their young unless they are crossbreds destined for the auction yard.  Once in the house, the kids are washed in an betadine bath and blown dry with a cattle blower.
After birth, the kids are placed in individual totes and shuffled to the house - there they stay for a day.  During their stay in the house, the kids are fed pasteurized goat colostrum and a powder colostrum supplement.  They are also given their first round of vaccinations.
Once outside the kids are separated by age into one of five different barnyard areas.  Here, they are raised on pasteurized CAE (-) milk until weaning age.  All animals are tested at the end of the year, when they are of age to be tested.
This prevention program has been implemented for over  five years and has proven to work, with extreme success, for our herd. 

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