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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

Lamancha Memorium

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Some may consider these does as reference does.  To us, these are does that started our foundation and have touched our lives by their presence.  We will miss them dearly.

Rockin-CB T Miyah
DOB: 4/01/96
          SS:  GCH ++*B Secret Ravine Voyager's Nomad VG89
  S:  CH *B Shammys Nomad Tyson VG87
          SD:  GCH Shammys T Tabitha 2*M GP81
          DS:  GCH +*B Winterwood's Maestro VG88
  D:  Rockin-CB M Madison 4*M VG85
          DD:  Rockin-CB Lucky Kira 3*M GP82

Tempo Betty H 2*M
DOB: 5/18/1997
          SS:  +*B Lucky*Star's C Emilio Estevez GP83
  S: *B Rockin-CB E Ensign
          SD: GCH Rockin-CB Brigham's Epic *M VG87
          DS: GCH ++*B Lucky Star Y Brigham VG86
  D: GCH Tempo Betty N. *M VG87
          DD: Singing-Hills Sadie Hawkins VG87

SGCH Purple Thistle Maddie 3*M
DOB: 5/01/2000
          SS: ++*B Clovertop's L Don Juan
  S: SG ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man GP82
          SD: SGCH Winterwood's S-O Dreamer 2*M VG88
          DS: *B Rockin-CB Ensign
  D: Tempo Betty H 2*M VG87
          DD: GCH Tempo Betty N. *M VG87

Tempo Mishka 2*M
DOB: 4/28/2001
          SS: SG ++*B Tempo Scotty VG87
  S: SG ++*B Tempo Jesse O EX92
          SD: SGCH Windstar Notta Shy Anne 2*M EX91
          DS: +*B Coastside Schooner
  D: SGCH Tempo Audrey E *M EX91
          DD: Singing-Hills Sadie Hawkins VG87

GCH Kissin's S Umeko *M
DOB: 4/24/2000
          SS: GCH ++*B Slinker-Ridge Nova's Magic Man VG88
  S: *B Double-B-Acres N Sparky
          SD: GCH Double-B-Acres N Sandy 4*M VG88
          DS: *B Lucky*Star's F Kit Karson
  D: Kissin's K Ursula
          DD: Meyer's MSC Adelida

GCH Kastdemur's Kadina 3*M
DOB: 4/12/2002
          SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Inside Information
  S: +*B Kastdemur's Bad Attitude EX90
          SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits *M EX90
          DS: GCH ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult EX92
  D: GCH Kastdemur's Survivor 2*M EX91
          DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Sprite *M EX92

SGCH Barnowl Quasi Q *M

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