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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

GCH Son*Sational True Frappichino *M

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True Frappichino is pictured as a Three-Year-Old Milker at the Roseburg Dairy Goat Association Show in Roseburg, OR.


Frappichino is better known as "Frappie" on the farm. I didn't know that I would ever want to get into Recorded Grades; that is until I met Frappie.

I got Frappie from Jessica McDonald at the Oregon State Fair in 2005. I traded a lamancha doe for this gorgeous animal. I would say the trade was a good one on both our parts; Jessica received a doe named Amanda that lived a productive life in offspring and in milking capacity and I got Frappie!

Frappie catches your eye because of her strength in general appearance. She is appealing because she is so smoothly blended, from her front end to the top of her rump. She also has a very level top line, and it has only gotten better with time. Frappie excels in dairy character, by being smoothly blended throughout with a neat, lean and clean neck, not to mention some widely set ribs.

I have always liked the look of Frappie, I think that is why I was so attracted to her in the first place. If I had to fault this doe, it would have to be her udder. It is not the most ideal in shape or strength of attachments. However, this characteristic is never passed on to her offspring. The evidence of great mammary systems from this doe can be seen in Iced Latte or Dark Blend.

Frappie finished her championship in 2008 and has since retired from the show string. She continues to contribute fantastic and competitive bloodlines that carry on the championship status and provide tremendous amounts of milk.

I want to thank Jessica McDonald for this lovely doe and the opportunity to start a great Recorded Grade herd.

To see Son*Sational True Frappichino's extended pedigree, click on the ADGA Genetics link:

LA: 4-02 VVE+ 86
Milk:  3-01  212  1830  66  59
         3-11  244  1810  73  59
         4-11  218  1490  56  47
     2005- 1 X BIS, 2 X GCH, 1 X RCH (Dry Leg)
     2006- 1 X RCH
     2007- 1 X BOB, 2 X GCH
     2008- 2 X BOB, 2 X GCH, 1 X RCH
     2009- RETIRED
     2010- 2nd Produce of Dam- National Show
     2011- 4th Produce of Dam- National Show


Iced Latte and Dark Blend
2010 and 2011 Produce of Dam

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