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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

Purple Thistle Cream Pie 3*M

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Cream Pie is pictured as a Four-Year-Old Milker at the 2012 ADGA National Show in Loveland,CO.


Cream Pie, "Creamy", was a bit challenging when she freshened. She hated the holding area when it was time to milk and stood just inches away from an outstretched reach and bawled like "Why aren't you milking me?" When she started to show, she tamed down and actually enjoyed running with the herd into the holding pen. This maturity was carried out into the show ring and she has competed well.

Cream Pie has followed exceptionally in her mother's footsteps. However, as a dry yearling she had a tendency to carry excess fleshing, but changed drastically when she freshened. She has slimmed down and filled out a lovely udder.

The best characteristic about this doe is her topline. It is level along the chine and loin and blends smoothly over the rump into level hips and pins; also thurl to thurl. In dairy character, Cream Pie really stands tall and sharp into the withers and carries that through to a strong and lovely front end. Keeping the subject on the front of the doe, I admire her long, lean, clean neck as well.

The mammary system, while it may be small (1st freshener), has a pleasing shape when viewed from the side and a very capacious fore udder that arches nicely into the body wall.

Like I said, Creamy follows in her mother's footsteps (Mud Pie). Her fault is that she still carries a lot of fleshing, particularly over the back and into the barrel. With more lactations and age, I am sure that Cream Pie will milk off the heaviness and sharpen up; maybe even surpass her mother's excellence.

To see Purple Thistle Cream Pie's extended pedigree click on the ADGA Genetics link:

LA:  3-02 88 VVVE
Milk:  2-00  1490  61  43
     2010- 2nd Place Dam and Daughter
                 (Dist VII Specialty - Boise)
            - 19th Place Two Year Old- National Show
     2011- 11th Three Year Old- National Show
            - 6th Best Three Senior Does- Nationals
     2012- 1 X RCH
            - 11th Four Year Old- National Show
            - 5th Best Three Senior Does- Nationals
            - 9th Place Dairy Herd- National Show


Three-Year-Old Milker
2011 National Show- Springfield, MA

Two-Year-Old Milker
2010 National Show- Louisville,KY

Two-Year-Old Milker
2010 Spokane Interstate Fair- Spokane, WA

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