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Kreamy Koffee is pictured as a Three-Year-Old Milker at the 2008 Adams County Fair in Othello, WA.


Koffee hails from the original bloodlines of Purple Thistle Lamanchas. She is my one of a kind goat. Her history is intriguing and disheartening at the same time.

In her younger years, Koffee was a promising doe. As you can see from her picture, she was elegant, attractive and showed a lot of milking capacity. I believed that she could have easily finished her championship; if it were not for her stubbornness.

We usually place the herd up into a higher pasture when it is time to feed. This keeps a lot of four legged, hungry animals from attacking the tractor, hindering our process. Well, Koffee LOVES her food! The gate separating the herd from the hay feeders did not stop her determination to be the first into the feeders. Everyday Koffee manipulated her body and crawled under the gate. She did this while pregnant, up until the day she kidded. This lead to some complications in her milk production...Mastitis. In her prime, Koffee had to be dried off in 2009 in order to heal the damage that she had caused.

Koffee is still an attractive, strong, aged doe. She is an upstanding doe with prominent, smoothly blended withers. She carries that smoothness throughout in Diary Character; having a lean, clean neck and open ribs. The most ideal area of this doe is in the mammary system. She has a desirable shape to the udder when viewed from the side profile. Her udder is also snugly attached in both the rear and fore ligaments. She consistently receives high scores in attachments in Linear Appraisals. Finally, in General Appearance, Koffee has a lot of strength in the legs, particularly the pasterns. She has truly held up as an aged doe should.

Koffee is a bit uneven in the mammary system due to her previous year of mastitis. This is her biggest fault. It has a taken a few years, but Koffee is starting to even out. One day she will show a mammary system that will resemble the ideal shape and capacity that she once had.

Koffee is still shown as an aged doe during the fair season. Participating in the Spokane Interstate Fair and the Central Washington State Fair, she usually places toward the top of her class.

To see Purple Thistle Kreamy Koffee's extended pedigree, click on the ADGA Genetics link: http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L001373399

LA: 4-01 VEVE 89
      6-01 VEEV 88
Milk:  2-11  236  2180  90  78
         4-00  199  1910  76  66
         4-10  113   950   33  32 (One-Sided)
         5-10  252  1910  73  71
     2008- 1 X BOB, 1 X GCH
     2011- RETIRED


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