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SGCH Barnowl Vendredi *M

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Vendredi is pictured as a Seven-Year-Old Milker at the 2012 ADGA National Show in Loveland, CO.


Vendredi is also known as "Dreddi" on the farm.  As cool as the name sounds, it originates from a line named after Friday.  She is our pride and joy that was purchased from Mariah Acton and Ardis Lyons.  We thank these two people every day for gracing us with Dreddi.


Dreddi is an amazing doe that excels in every part of the score card.  Her mammary system is practically ideal with great extension to the fore udder and wonderful blending of the rear udder.  The side profile is a dream to look at when in a side-by-side line up.  In general appearance, her top line is level and blends smoothly into a set of sharp withers and blends back into an extremely level rump.  Dreddi exhibits great dairy character with lovely ribs that are flat, angulated to the flank with tremendous spacing.  She has extremely pliable skin that is also felt in a milked out mammary system.  Finally, body capacity is deep and carried well into the rear barrel, as seen in the pictures available.


Dreddi was used as an example goat for my mother and other goat owners to witness the process of linear appraisals.  This turned out to be a perfect goat to practice on because she hardly faulted in anything. 


Dreddi was shown extensively during the show season of 2009.  She participated in some very competitive shows which include ISDGA in Boise, RVDGA in Central Point Oregon, Chehalis, Spokane Interstate Fair and the National Show in Sacramento, Ca.  She consistently places at the top of her class; occasionally receiving a rosette.


The only part of this doe that is not as desirable as the rest of her are the teats- both size and length.  They are a bit more plumb than we would like but the length is wonderful for hand milking.  This is the only doe I will drink from because of the texture of the udder and the delicious, smooth consistency.


To see Barnowl Vendredi's extended pedigree, click on the ADGA Genetics link:

LA:  6-00  90  EEEE
       4-00  91  EEEE
Milk:  2-07  328  2750  100  83
         3-08  223  2310  82    70
         4-08  241  2230  83    64
     2006-  1 X RCH
     2008-  1 X RCH
     2009-  2 X RCH
            -  BIS Dairy Herd (Yakima, WA)
            -  10th Four Year Old- National Show
     2010-  2 X BOB, 3 X GCH
            -  2 X BIS Dairy Herd
            -  11th Five-Year-Old- National Show
            -  3rd Place Dairy Herd- National Show
            -  2nd Dam & Daughter- National Show
     2012-  1 X GCH
            -  2nd Seven Years and Older- Nationals
            -  2nd Place Udder- National Show
            -  5th Place Dairy Herd- National Show
            -  BIS Dairy Herd (Yakima, WA)


Six-Year-Old Milker
2011 Spokane Interstate Fair- Spokane, WA

Five-Year-Old Milker
2010 ADGA National Show- Louisville, KY

Four-Year-Old Milker
2009 ADGA National Show- Sacramento, CA

Three-Year-Old Milker
2008 RDGA- Roseburg, OR

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