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Baudelaire is pictured as a Five-Year-Old Milker at the 2012 ADGA National Show in Loveland, CO.


Baudelaire is better known as "Bo" on our farm. I didn't understand what her name meant until 2009 when I talked to her previous owners (Ardis Lyons and Mariah Acton.) I was informed that she was named after a French novelist who wrote of vampires. Whatever she was named after, she still runs to the milk room when the name "Bo" is called.

This is a fabulous doe! I knew I wanted her, sight unseen, since she was born. I loved the coloring on this doe because it reminded me of an old foundation doe I used to have (Tempo Betty H.) Even as a kid, Bo had a lot of potential. She never faltered in improving when she freshened either.

Bo's ideal characteristic is her mammary system. This mammary system is tightly attached in the rear, the fore and has tremendous lateral attachments. The width of the rear udder attachments can be seen in the rear udder picture to the right. The teat size, delineation and placement are almost ideal as well; not to mention Bo is a dream to milk by hand.

Other great characteristics are seen in her general appearance. For linear appraisals, Bo’s head was scored an excellent as well has her legs. As you can see, her fore legs are straight from the side and the rear. She also has extremely correct angulation in the rear legs. All around this doe is wonderful, she was one of those one in a million catches for us.

Bo has evolved into a mature, structurally correct doe, however, she has a lot more maturing to do. She finished her championship as a two year old, receiving one leg as a yearling milker. Bo has proved that her blood lines are worthy of championship status. We hope in the future Bo will consistently place in the top of her classes as a Champion Challenge doe. We also hope that Bo will produce offspring that will maintain consistency in the mammary system and improve general appearance.

To see SGCH Barnowl Baudelaire's extended pedigree, please visit the ADGA Genetics link: http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L001409888

LA:  4-02  92  EEEE
       2-01  90  VVEE 
Milk:  1-02  159  1230  44  37
         1-11  177  1670  52  47
         2-11  199  2010  81  52
     2008- 1 X RCH
     2009- 2 X GCH, 2 X RCH, 1 X BUOB (ISDGA)
            - 7th Two Year Old- National Show
            - 3rd Senior Get of Sire (Travis)- Nationals
     2010- 3rd Senior Get of Sire (Travis)- Nationals
            - 3rd Place Dairy Herd- National Show
            - 7th Produce of Dam (Buffy)- Nationals
     2011- 1 X BOB, 1 X BUOB (ISDGA)
            - 5th Four Year Old- National Show
            - 3rd Place Dairy Herd- National Show
            - 3rd Senior Get of Sire (Travis)- Nationals
            - 2nd Dam & Daughter- National Show
     2012- 2 X BOB, 1 X GCH
            - 4th Five and Six Year Old- Nationals
            - 3rd Place Udder- National Show
            - 5th Place Dairy Herd- National Show
            - 5th Dam & Daughter- National Show                  


Four-Year-Old Milker
2011 ADGA National Show- Springfield, MA

Four-Year-Old Milker
2011 NWODGA- Salem, OR

Three-Year-Old Milker
2010 National Show - Louisville, KY

Three-Year-Old Milker
2010 Spokane Interstate Fair- Spokane, WA

Two-Year-Old Milker
2009 ADGA National Show- Sacramento, CA

Yearling Milker
2008 Spokane Interstate Fair- Spokane, WA

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