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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats


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The Toggenburgs belong to my mom and dad, Lisa and Geert Arts.  They own the registered herd: Joheas Acres.  They have beautiful Toggenburgs that are very competative and have proved it through shows and milk records.  Take a look at these lovely animals.
We would like to announce our 2012 District VII Specialty Winners from the Oregon State Fair.
GCH Joheas Acres No Whammys was Best of Breed
Joheas-Acres Laylonna was Reserve Champion
SGCH Joash WM Take-A-Gamble was 1st Place Produce of Dam
SGCH Joash WM Take-A-Gamble was1st Place Dam & Daughter
Joheas-Acres was 1st Place Breeder's Herd
Joheas-Acres was 1st Place Dairy Herd
A couple of our animals have also had the honor of placing in the
2009 and 2010 All-American lists. 
Alize Love Justly was the Reserve All-American Yearling Milker (2010)
Joheas Acres No Whammys was the Reserve All-American Dry Yearling  (2010)
Waiilatpu SKRW Saku was the All-American Aged Buck (2010)
Joheas Acres Classie
was the All-American Aged Doe (2009)
Joash WM Take-A-Gamble was the Reserve All-American 4 Year Old (2009)
Waiilatpu SKRW Saku was the All-American Aged Buck (2009)

2012 Toggenburg Dairy Herd
1st Place - National Show - Loveland, CO

In Memoriam

3rd Place Toggenburg Dairy Herd
2010 National Show- Louisville, Ky

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