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Purple Thistle Dairy Goats

Toggenburg Senior Does

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These are the milking Toggenburg does.  Atop, you will find the younger animals.  Moving down the list, the does get older.
*Click on the individual pictures to learn more about that doe*

Joheas-Acres Shuffle-Up'N'Deal
DOB: 2/28/2011
          SS:  CH *B Rowe's Amory Solano VG86
  S: *B Rowe's Solano Rhythm
          SD:  SGCH Rowe's Falcon Ria 8*M EX91
          DS:  +*B Waiilatpu SKRW Maverick VG89
  D:  SGCH Joash WM Take-A-Gamble 15*M EX92
          DD:  SGCH Joash JDP Chance's Lottery 14*M EX92
Joheas-Acres Cayden 3*M
DOB: 4/13/2010
          SS:  Welbian-Farm's Whin's Badger VG89
  S:  CH Welbian-Farm's SB Sugar Daddy VG87
          SD:  CH Little*Creek Sage Sugarplum EX91
          DS:  +B Mount-Douglas Lionel Leo
  D:  GCH Joheas-Acres Crystal 2*M
          DD:  Joheas-Acres Cokie GP82
CH Alize Socialite By Night
2012 National Reserve Champion
DOB: 2/23/2010
          SS: *B Cherry Glen Tristin Arrow
  S:  *B Rowe's Arrow Redbud GP84
          SD:  GCH Rowe's Snowbuck Redwing EX92
          DS:  Willow Run Andrew Hot Ticket VG85
  D:  GCH Nestor Acres Hot Jezzibell *M EX91
          DD:  Waiilatpu PS Jasmine VG87

GCH Joheas Acres No Whammys 16*M
DOB: 4/17/2009
     SS: +*B Whisper'N'Pines NS Fratenize EX90
S: *B Joheas Acres Carismo
     DS: GCH Joheas Acres Crystal 2*M
     DS: +*B Waiilatpu SKRW Maverick VG89
D: SGCH Joash WM Take-A-Gamble 15*M EX92
     DD: SGCH Joash JDP Chance's Lottery 14*M EX92

Joheas-Acres Laylonna 3*M
DOB: 4/15/2009
          SS: +*B whisper'N'Pines NS Fratenize EX90
  S: Joheas-Acres Clyde
          SD: GCH Cottage Creek WNPJ Lexus 4*M
          DS: CH *B Waiilatpu SKRW Saku EX90
  D: Joheas-Acres Layla 2*M EX90
          DD: One In A Mil Lady Nighthawk *M

Shuffle pictured as a Yearling Milker

Cayden pictured as a Two-Year-Old Milker

2012 National Reserve Champion Toggenburg
Socialite pictured as a Two-Year-Old Milker

No Whammys as a Three-Year-Old Milker

Laylonna as a Three-Year-Old Milker

Epidemic as a Five-Year-Old Milker

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